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Valorisation of liquid and solid fractions of 2nd generation biofuel production processes

  • 2016-2018


Valorize different fractions produced in 2G biofuel production plants  that nowadays, do not have a clear industrial use, especially lignin rich fractions, among others.

As for the phenol-derived products, high value-added aromatic compounds of wide use in fine chemistry, pharmaceuticals and food are foreseen.


  • Characterization & selection of woody biomass suitable for biorefinery plants.
  • Optimization the most suitable thermochemical and biochemical processes conditions for high sugar yields performance
    • Laboratory screening tests
    • Pilot plant runs (200l reactor)
  • Upgrading recalcitrant solid remaining after sugar solubilisation through lignin depolimerization for lignin- derived high added value products:
    • Depolymerization routes: hydroxylated polyethers & phenolic aromatic products.
    • Screening, optimization and upscaling at pilot plant (1-2 l/h) in order to demonstrate its technical and economic feasibility.



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