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Pyrolysis Tests on Eolic Windmill Blades Composites

  • 2022


  • Pyrolysis and Oxidation of eolic windmill blades composites, for the recovery of carbon– and glassfibres and the valorization of the organic liquid fraction (oil out of the resins).
    • Characterization: moisture, ashes, fixed carbon, elemental and compositional (fibres, resins and adhesives and other polymer materials weight percentages).
    • Settings, adaption of particles size, temperature, gas flowrate, residence time, rotation speed, oil condensation system.
    • Pyrolysis tests in rotatory kiln, at optimized temperature and residence time.
    • Fibers cleaning via oxidation in oven (soot combustion).
    • Products Characterization: physico-chemical properties analyses of fibres; elemental, moisture, ashes, and compositional analyses over the oil.


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