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Olive Leaf Multi-Product Cascade Based Biorefinery


To develop a complete valorization system for the olive leaf based on Smart Dynamic Multi-Valorization-Route Biorefinery for the cascade valorization of the olive leaf biomass according to its physicochemical composition, particularly modulated by specific pretreatments to produce target products for high value sectors: food, feed, health, cosmetic, pharma and chemical industries.


To apply its own developed novel pretreatment technologies for hemicellulose and lignin valorization in exhaust leaves for :

  • Separation of XOS (soluble hemicellulose) main stream by acidic pre-tretments
  • Reaction and fractionation of lignin main stream to produce Antioxidants by thermal oxidative depolymerization continuous process


The project started on July 2021, it will last 3 years and gathers 16 partners from 9 different countries: Natac Biotech SL (NATAC) (ES)- project coordinator, Oleicola El Tejar (ES), Ingecor Agroforestal SL (ES), Innorenew CoE (SI), Fundacion Cener CENER (ES), Instituto Politecnico De Braganca (PT), Biochemize Sl (ES), Universita Degli Studi Di Firenze (IT), Nizo Food Research Bv (NL), Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg (DE), Havforskningsinstituttet (NO), Mibelle Ag (CH), Eurizon Sl INNOVARUM (ES), Zero Emissions Engineering Bv (NL) and Nnfcc Limited (UK), Mowi Feed As (NO).


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