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Gasification campaigns in the 2MW ABFB

  • 2015-2019


Gasification at industrial scale of challenging biomasses & feedstocks:

  • High moisture content.
  • High ash content.
  • High fines content.
  • Low density.

Verification of the behavior of a wide range of raw materials in the fluid bed gasification process using different types of bed materials.

Enlargement of the operating range of the plant with respect to design specifications.


  • Reception and characterization of the raw material
  • Acquisition, reception and preparation of bed material
  • Feeding system testing
  • Gasification test with air and with oxigen/steam mix
  • Characterization of syngas composition by micro-GC
  • Measurement of particle and tar content in gasification gas
  • Raw and used bed material characterization
  • Cyclone ash samples and filter ash samples (after combustion chamber) characterization


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