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e-biomethanol, Production from CO2 using Microbial Electrosynthesis technologies (MES)

  • 2022-2024


  • Demonstrate the feasibility of e-biomethanol (e-bioMeOH) production using Microbial Electrosynthesis (MES) technology from CO2 and electricity from renewable sources in a Power to X (P2X) concept.
  • Selection and characterization of biological catalysts to transform CO2 into methanol through bioelectrochemical processes.
  • Design, assembly and start-up of an innovative bioelectro-reactor with two additional improvements:
    • Incorporation of electrodes to hybridize biological (fermentative) with electrochemical processes.
    • Introduction of membrane-based methanol separation systems.
  • Development and validation at TRL 4 of a competitive process in terms of process economy, technical feasibility and environmental impact (negative CO2 emission rate).


  • Project coordinator
  • Responsible for the development of MES technology including:
    • Definition and development of bioelectrochemical processes,
    • Design, construction and validation of bioelectro-reactors
    • Techno-economic feasibility analysis of the process.


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