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Specific Support Study in support of the Continental Power System Masterplan (CMP) through the EU’s Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) for African Union in the sustainable energy sector Specific Support Study on Green Hydrogen.

  • 2021-2022


  • To provide the necessary inputs for the development of a robust and accurate CMP model that takes into consideration the specifics of various components, including the role of RES, renewable hydrogen, and energy storage technologies in the continent’s energy mix, in line with the road map for the AfSEM.
  • The study on Green Hydrogen will focus on the power sector and the GH2 potential and opportunities in an interconnected African power pool.
  • The Study aims at identifying the technical potential and technology pathways and opportunities, non-technical and technical bottlenecks and risks (e.g. regulatory, financial), key scenarios and other inputs for modelling Green Hydrogen in the CMP.


  • Team leader, team coordinador & H2 technology expert
  • Contributing to the specific technical activities and assuring the quality, timing and comprehensiveness of the assignment’s deliverables.
  • Main tasks:
    • Mapping/Identification of Regional and International Market Opportunities
    • Identification of Technical Potential, Opportunities and Technological Pathways
    • Estimation of Technical Potential for GH2 Production
    • Evaluation of GH2 Market Barriers
    • Regional and technology scenarios development


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