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PIROPLAX, Chemical recycling by PIRolysis of mixtures of PLAStic waste to obtain aromatic compounds (BTX)

  • 2022-2024


  • Validate an Integrated Technology for the Chemical recycling of plastic waste mixtures –difficult to recycle without previous mechanic separation- via fast pyrolysis.
  • Enhance the recycling rate of plastics.
  • Promote the Ecological transition towards lower dependence on fossil sources.
  • Optimizing the yield towards Mono-aromatics like Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Substituted Compounds (BTX), used in the synthesis of new chemicals: plastics, resins, solvents, nylon, aniline…


  • Project leader.
  • Raw materials, operating conditions and pre-treatment stages selection.
  • Plastics Fast Pyrolysis in Continuous Mode (~1 kg/h).
  • Adaptation of pyrolyzer for BTX production out of any type of plastic residue.
  • Products Separation by Distillation.
  • Catalytic Cyclation of Olefins into BTX.
  • Mass and Energy Balances.
  • Techno-economic Analysis.


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