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Hydrothermal Treatment of wastes into SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

  • 2021-2024


  • To demonstrate through hydrothermal & upgrading routes a new innovative value chain for the production of drop-in SAF from wastes derived from both biogenic and urban sources.
  • It also aims at demonstrating that the concept of decentralized system based on small conversion plants producing high-density bioenergy carrier that can optimize logistic cost for the supply to a central conventional refinery for further, which could improve economical balance compared to other SAF production pathways.
  • Partners: ITQ-CSIC, Ingelia y BP


  • Demonstrating the production of HTL-crude through hydrothermal liquefaction in continuous mode at pilot scale (TRL 5) using different types of wastes as feedstock.
  • Techno-economic and environmental assessments of the value chain using hydrothermal liquefaction.


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